Gypsum Fiber Board Walls

Engineered for strength, durability and resistance to mould Gypsum Fiber board is walls are  are high performance  walls. These are as per  HTM standards for fire rating with acoustic , moisture , impact or load bearing performance . Available at a very competitve price and are very easy and fast to install. 
  • Light weight systems – 8 to 10 times lighter than conventional systems like Brick / Block work.
  • Faster construction – Five to eight times faster.
  • Superior acoustics performance in terms of insulation with insulation rating upto 74 dB.
  • Tested and certified systems to give between 1/2 – 4 hour fire rating.
  • Smooth finish, aesthetically beautiful crack free surfaces.
  • Flexibility in terms of modifications and refurbishment at some point in time.
  • Green and recyclable product.

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