About Us

About Us

The healthcare and medical engineering innovation continues to grow at a rapid speed, the importance of  an efficient, transparent and reliable one point solution provider to handle your requirement has never been greater.
Modular Concepts LLC was incorporated in the year 2005 by Mr. Manoj Dharman. It was under his vision; along with a handful of energetic and optimist employees the company began its   journey in the area of    Hospital Construction & Medical Engineering.
Since then the company has grown continually over the years by taking a professional approach to focusing on the fundamentals, hiring top-notch quality people, and developing and providing only the highest quality of service to its customers.
Currently Modular Concepts LLC, is a leading name in turnkey medical engineering and hospital construction in the Middle East and Asia. The organization is a family of over 250 employees with, with offices across UAE & India.
The scope work involves specializing in site survey, design, supply , supervision , installation , testing and commissioning , operation and maintenance for all our systems. A complete tailor made solution is provided for specific needs. We work with efficient and cost effective methods to provide best in class services to our clients.
  • Turnkey Medical Engineering
  • Hospital Design & Build

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